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Why Third Party Archiving is Essential to Office 365

Important Considerations with Office 365 Archiving Exchange Online/Office 365

If your organization is using Exchange Online or Office 365 email, you need a complete archiving solution. Office 365 includes some basic archiving capabilities for email. Unfortunately, archiving just your email is not enough. Your employees generate a huge amount data using  many other collaboration systems, like social media, instant messaging and mobile phone communication. Office 365’s inability to archive all your company’s electronic communication data, along with other deficiencies, leaves your organization at risk for data loss and compliance violations. 

Retain Unified Archiving adds value to Office 365

Retain Unified Archiving, adds value to your Office 365 investment. In addition to archiving your Office 365 email, Retain archives social media and mobile communication data, all in one central location. Retain helps you ensure compliance, perform eDiscovery, export, and redaction on all your archived content . Plus, Retain does it all without requiring costly Office 365 E3 level licensing plans!

Here are a number of important items you should be aware of before you decide to rely on the built-in Office 365 archiving solution. Especially if you are in a highly regulated industry. 

PROBLEM: Microsoft Requires an Enterprise E3 Licensing Plan to Archive Your Email

To archive email in Office 365, Microsoft requires you to purchase a more expensive Enterprise E3 level licensing for each of your users.

SOLUTION: Retain Archives All Office 365 Plans

Don’t pay for the added functionality of E3 just so you can archive email. Retain supports archiving for Office 365 Business Essentials, Premium, Enterprise E1, Enterprise E3 and Enterprise E5 plans. This allows your business to reduce costs by only paying for the Office 365 plans your end-users need, and not having to purchase E3 plans to archive email, as required by Microsoft’s built-in solution.

Click Here to See an Office 365  Archiving Plan Comparison Chart vs Retain Archiving

Office 365 Archiving Plan Comparison Chart

PROBLEM: Office 365 Does Not Support Archiving Social Media

Office 365 only archives email, it does not archive social media platforms. This leaves your organization with an incomplete archive, and can lead to compliance violations.

SOLUTION: Retain Monitors and Archives Social Media data

Retain archives Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google+. Retain archives this data together with your Office 365 email, all in one central archive. It allows you to manage your communication data and ensure social media data compliance..

PROBLEM: Office 365 DOES NOT Archive Mobile Communication Data like Text Messages

Office 365 only archives email. There is no support for archiving mobile communication for iOS, Android or Blackberry data.

SOLUTION: Retain DOES Archive Mobile Device Communication Data

Retain archives Android, iOS and BlackBerry mobile communication data to ensure mobile communication management and compliance. Retain archives SMS/MMS, and phone call logs for Android, and BBM, PIN, SMS/MMS and phone call logs for BlackBerry. Additionally, Retain archives all encrypted SMS/Text messages and dedicated business phone number data for iOS, via the secure communications server. 

PROBLEM: Office 365 Lacks Archiving Multi-Platform Email Integration

Some larger organizations make use of multiple email platforms in different departments/locations. Office 365 does directly integrate with Google Apps or GroupWise email for archiving.

SOLUTION: Retain Features Multi-Platform Email Integration

Archive your Office 365, Exchange, GroupWise and Gmail messages in one central archive. Retain integrates directly with multi-platform email systems for simultaneous email archiving support.

PROBLEM: Office 365 Archive Cannot be Accessed Offline

The Office 365 Archive and the archive integration with Outlook can only be accessed online. There is no caching of the Office 365 archive within Outlook, meaning offline users cannot access their archived data.

SOLUTION: Retain Provides Offline Access to Your Archive via the Outlook Plugin

Retain allows archived messages to be cached for specified time periods in Outlook, which provides offline access.

PROBLEM: Office 365 Has NO Centralized Access to All Social, Mobile Communication, or Email Electronic Data

Office 365 does not allow you to access multiple email platforms running in mixed environments, and you cannot have centralized access to all archived email, social media, and mobile communication data.

SOLUTION: Retain Gives You Centralized Access & Control of Your Archived Data

Retain provides centralized access and control to all email messaging data archives, no matter the platform. It provides access to all archived social media and mobile communication data.

PROBLEM: Office 365 DOES NOT Offer Data Redaction

Office 365 does not feature redaction of data. This is especially important for when archived data needs to be produced, but some items should not be included as public record, as part of the eDiscovery request, or in litigation.

SOLUTION: Retain provides eDiscovery with Redaction

Retain features built-in eDiscovery tools for searching, placing litigation holds, printing, and forwarding. Plus, Retain features redaction, allowing you to redact items that should not be included as public record, as part of the eDiscovery request, or in litigation.

PROBLEM: Office 365 Has No Ability to Search, Access, or Publish Other Electronic Intellectual Property

Office 365 only archives your organization’s email and allows searches of Sharepoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business. It does not, however, allow you to search other data, including legacy file systems, other file sharing programs, documents or other unstructured data for litigation and compliance requests.

SOLUTION: Retain Allows You to Perform Search and eDiscovery of Other Data Sources

Retain has built-in tools to search and perform eDiscovery on other types of electronic data, including legacy file systems, Sharepoint, Laserfiche, Novell Filr and other data systems that are indexed. This will ensure that you can produce all needed items for litigation or regulatory investigations.

PROBLEM: Office 365 Has An Expensive Migration Path

If your organization decides to migrate to a new email platform, you will have to utilize a third-party vendor to migrate your data. This process can be expensive and time-consuming.

SOLUTION: Simple and Easy Email Migration with Retain

Retain allows you to easily migrate your email system. The Retain archive is platform agnostic, meaning that no matter the email platform you deploy, Retain will support it. If you need to migrate from Office 365 to an on-prem or other cloud solution, you can continue to have your archive in the same central location. The migration is fast, seamless and complete. You don’t have to worry about lost data or paying an third-party vendor for an expensive migration.

Retain is the Best Way to Archive Office 365! 

Not only does Retain archive Office Office 365 email, it can actually save you money by allowing you to purchase less expensive lisences. It also adds tremendous value by archiving all your business communication data like social media and mobile device message data. Plus, Retain includes powerful built-in search and ediscovery tools to help respond to compliance, legal, or information requests. 

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