The Case for Third Party Archiving in Microsoft Exchange


Osterman Research believes that the majority of Exchange 2013 enabled organizations will require the use of third party archiving tools. In fact, 55% of surveyed organizations would use a third-party archiving solution, like Retain, if they were starting from scratch.

Why should you consider a third-party archiving solution for Exchange 2013?

  • Reduce Server Storage needs - Single-instance email storage
  • Employee productivity - Reduce IT costs by allowing end-user acces
  • Archive all electronic communication, not just email (mobile device data, social media messages, instant messaging, web searches)
  • Improved Search, eDiscovery & Exporting functionality

The native archiving capabilities in Microsoft Exchange 2013 are useful and better than the archiving functions first offered in Exchange 2010. Unfortunately, native archiving in Exchange is missing important capabilities that many organizations require, such as support for mobile device users or Macs. The elimination of single-instance storage creates excessive storage growth, and the lack of sophisticated highlighting or tagging tools may limit the appeal of Exchange archiving for eDiscovery.

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