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ELO Digital Office GmbH Stops Viruses, Malware & Spam with GWAVA Messaging Security  

ELO Digital Office GmbH is one of the leading software manufacturers for Document (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in the German market. Managing content and documents means that is essential for them to keep their information secure and free from viruses coming in through email.

download this success story as PDF Before implementing the GWAVA® SMTP scanner, ELO was receiving enormous amounts of spam each day. That meant time-consuming extra work for users that impacted productivity. ELO needed a better way to separate its vital business information from all of the junk mail and potential virus threats invading the inboxes so that employees could get back to work. GWAVA SMTP came to ELO’s attention. After setting up a test environment on the Exchange® server, ELO was sure GWAVA was the right solution.

“When spam becomes more and more of an issue in your company, you need to react. That is what we did. With the installation of GWAVA SMTP, we solved the problem,” explains Andreas Schulz, Head of Marketing.

GWAVA SMTP Protects Exchange Server

With some technical help from its distributor Inetra, ELO implemented the GWAVA SMTP scanner quickly. “The installation and integration went through very properly. Due to the fact that we are able to use the existing infrastructure, we only had to invest in the GWAVA license and technical support. The ROI of the whole investment was less than one month,” says Andreas Schulz.

Since the GWAVA scanner sits at the perimeter of the Exchange server, spam is now getting stopped before it even gets a chance to clog up ELO’s email. GWAVA specializes in determining which emails are legitimate business communications so ELO is confident its employees are receiving them.

ELO successfully and thoroughly solved its spam problems with the GWAVA SMTP scanner on its Microsoft Exchange server. Now, ELO employees can concentrate on their work and be assured their important documents are secure.

GWAVA Messaging Security for Exchange

GWAVA stops cyber-criminals, spam and porn before they ever enter your Microsoft Exchange messaging system. The GWAVA secure message gateway uses the latest technology to detect viruses, malware, spam, and pornographic images and block them from your system. 

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