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Retain Mobile & CellTrust® SecureLine

The Retain Secure Mobile Messaging and Compliance Solution delivers secure, encrypted messaging for iOS and Android devices to organizations around the world.

This solution is for organizations that use personal employee and corporate devices to generate and consume business data, while helping them meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Retain is the only enterprise-acceptable solution to provide iOS and Android device data archiving without the need to tether the device or sync the data.

Retain Secure Mobile Messaging and Compliance solution includes:

  • CellTrust SecureLine
  • Retain SecureLine Collector
  • Retain Unified Archiving

CellTrust-SecureLine-logo-80CellTrust SecureLine provides your organization with encrypted communication for iOS and Android devices. Its dedicated SMS gateway server has an encrypted SMS/Text message connection, uses an iOS or Android app to separate business data from personal data, and includes an encrypted phone line, with a dedicated business phone number.

The SecureLine Server logs and routes all encrypted subscriber and non-subscriber communication. All encrypted messages are received by the server and are routed directly to the intended recipient. Electronic communication, including SMS/Text messages, voice calls, secure messages, and mobile business number communication, is decrypted and logged by the server. The SecureLine Server offers multiple layers of authentication and can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

The CellTrust SecureLine Mobile Device App is password-protected app that can be installed on any corporate or personal iOS or Android device. The app separates the device’s storage into two separate partitions: one for business, and the other for the employee’s own personal data. It has secure-server registration, multi-factor authentication, and 256-bit AES encryption with unique dynamic keys, and full encryption key lifecycle management. The app can be downloaded from The App Store or Google Play.


The CellTrust SecureLine app features:

  • An Encrypted Phone Line: Employee phone conversations are encrypted and sent via the secure server.
  • A Dedicated Business Phone Number: Enables users to have a business phone line that is separate from their personal phone line. Each employee receives a new dedicated virtual business number, which also allows them to use their existing SIM card. The app creates a separate log, record, and audit trail of all business SMS/Text and voice communication.
  • An Encrypted SMS/Text Message Connection: All employee SMS/Text message conversations are encrypted and logged by the CellTrust SecureLine Server.
  • iOS & Android Apps Separate Business Data from Personal Data: When business data is generated and consumed, it is kept entirely separate from personal files. Whether SecureLine is running on an iOS or Android device, your employee’s photos, contacts, SMS/Text messages, emails, GPS location, and financial data are kept separate from any SecureLine electronic business communication.
  • Internal Messaging: All internal business SMS/Text messages are encrypted by the SecureLine app and are delivered to the intended internal recipient via the CellTrust SecureLine Server.
  • External Messaging: All external business SMS/Text messages are encrypted by the SecureLine app and are delivered to the intended external recipient via the CellTrust SecureLine Server. The SecureLine Server passes the message to the carrier and then it is delivered to the standard SMS inbox of the non-subscriber, regardless of the type of device. When the non-subscriber responds to the message, it is sent to the carrier, the carrier sends the message to the SecureLine Server. The server logs the message and delivers it to the subscriber’s device via the SecureLine app.

The Retain SecureLine Collector communicates directly with the CellTrust SecureLine Server, and pulls down all encrypted SMS/Text messages and phone logs through an encrypted connection. The Retain Collector then routes that data directly to the Retain Unified Archive.

Retain_Unified_Archiving_logo_smThe Retain Unified Archive collects all SMS/Text messages and phone logs from the Retain SecureLine Collector and archives all conversations in context. Retain provides multi-platform unified message archiving of all email, social media, and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery and can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

The Retain archive is accessible by end users and administrators directly through Retain’s Web Access Archive Viewer. This enables your organization to quickly access, search, and audit archived communication data, as well as to easily place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, and export your message data. Retain reduces cost, mitigates risk, and manages complexity on prem or in the cloud.

Choose Retain & Experience a Better Approach to Archiving

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