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Google Postini End of Life - Top 7 Reasons to Migrate

Now that Google Postini has reached its end of life, organizations will need to migrate to new security and archiving solutions for their Gmail accounts. All Postini offerings, including Postini Small Business Edition, Postini Service Provider Edition and Google Message Filtering are no longer available; consequently, organizations have two alternatives when it comes to Gmail message archiving: the costly Google Apps for Business or, a robust third party solution for email security and archiving.

Migrating from one solution to another has its challenges and questions. For example, what 3rd party solutions support Gmail? Are there any third parties that support email security in addition to archiving, or will we have to go with two separate vendors? Will these organizations be able to migrate my existing Google Postini archive? How quickly can a third party migrate my data? What if I have a mixed platform environment? Can they support me? Do they support content filtering, URL blocking and archiving of all my social media content?

Organizations running Google Postini need answers.

Unfortunately, organizations may face higher costs by migrating to Google Apps. The alarming reality is that Google has a permissive privacy policy. Your users may be subjected to ads based on the content of their email. Further, there is no guarantee as to where your data will be stored and there is no guarantee who will have access to your data--or if those individuals have been subjected to security screening. The solution is GWAVA.

GWAVA provides messaging security and unified archiving of all email, mobile, and social media electronic communication as organizations migrate from Google Postini. And GWAVA does this both on prem and in the cloud. GWAVA gives Google Postini customers peace of mind while providing migration to its solution, free of charge.

The Top 7 Reasons to Migrate from Postini to GWAVA

  1. Archive all electronic communication data - including Google Apps, in addition to mixed messaging environments email, social media and mobile in one central archive
  2. Complete messaging security, including illicit image defense, anti-virus/antispam keyword scanning, web URL blocking and content filtering of social media.
  3. Simple to use web access archive viewer with complete audit trail and an easy email security interface
  4. Easy eDiscovery and PDF export of archived messages
  5. Provide secure archive rights access to HR, legal, and your eDiscovery team
  6. Reduce data storage volumes with single instance storage, thus reduceing hardware costs
  7. You have control of your data and you know where it is stored with your own true private cloud in our secure storage facility here in the US or secured behind your organizational firewall. Providing you centralized and secure control of your messaging data

By implementing GWAVA, you will have superior messaging security and the only unified archiving solution on the market--archiving all email, social media and mobile in one central location. Best of all, this solution can be deployed both on-prem and in the cloud, whichever you prefer.

Just a reminder, as a current Google Postini customer you can migrate to the total GWAVA solution free of charge.