Next-Generation Archiving: Extracting Intelligence From Your Electronic Archives

The traditional role of email archiving solutions is primarily defensive in nature: to capture and retain information in the event that a litigation hold must be implemented, to be able to produce information in response to a court’s discovery order, or to satisfy a regulator’s demand for the production of relevant data.

However, an email or other information archive contains enormous quantities of meaningful data about a variety of things in an organization!

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Important information for you
in this Whitepaper:

  • The ability to extract insight and intelligence from archived data will see the greatest increase in interest among decision makers over the next two years
  • Traditional drivers for archiving – focused primarily on regulatory compliance and litigation support – will continue to be important, but next-generation archiving will be an important driver for deployment of new archiving solutions.
  • There are a large number of potential use cases for next-generation archiving solutions, but an expanding pool of decision makers outside of IT will need to be educated about their value
  • Most current archiving solutions are not designed to be used as next-generation archiving systems and will need to be either supplemented with new capabilities or replaced.

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White Paper - Next Generation Archiving