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Micro Focus™ Secure Messaging Gateway


Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway (formerly GWAVA) provides inbound & outbound protection for your company's enterprise network & messaging system, including antivirus, anti-spam, cybercrime protection, DDOS protection, and porn blocking with built-in image analysis!

Antivirus Protection | Anti‑Spam Protection  
Network Protection  | Total Groupwise Support

This solution uses the latest technology to ensure that your messaging system and network are free of viruses, malware, and spam. Secure Messaging Gateway also monitors network traffic to prevent pornographic images, and protects against cybercrime and DoS/DDoS attacks.

Secure Messaging Gateway protects business networks and communication data for thousands of organizations around the world in industries including government, education, financial services, healthcare, and business.

Multi-System Support

Secure Messaging Gateway can filter messaging at the perimeter of any standards-based internet mail or collaboration system. This includes platforms such as Microsoft Exchange®, Office 365, Gmail, Novell GroupWise®, Vibe®, Lync® or Lotus Domino®.

Role-Based User Administration

Grant your users specific role-based access, right within Secure Messaging Gateway. The new Access Control List allows you to manage user access to features and functions of Secure Messaging Gateway, based on the roles you set. Named users can now have access to certain administration features without having full administration rights.

Scalable Design

When your system starts to reach capacity, or is under strain, you are able to add new resources (additional Secure Messaging Gateway servers) to balance the load on your Secure Messaging Gateway system.

Fault Tolerant Configuration

Secure Messaging Gateway can be setup on multiple servers. This allows your system to continue to run, even if one or more servers goes down.

Easy-to-configure, Ad-hoc, Customizable Notifications

Create the specific notifications you want or need. The types of notifications you can create are almost limitless. They can be triggered by keywords, attachments, content, illicit images, viruses, spam, and other categories. Plus, all notifications can be localized, allowing you to provide localized versions of all of the emails thatSecure Messaging Gateway generates.

Secure Gateway in the Cloud

Secure Messaging Gateway can be deployed on-prem, or in the cloud. Secure Messaging Gateway's multi-tenant support enables multiple independent instances ofSecure Messaging Gateway scan configurations to run on the same server. It allows you to have all the functionality of Secure Messaging Gateway, while supporting multiple customers from one system.The cloud solution secures your messaging system without the additional costs, risks and complexity associated with an on-premise messaging security system. Let Micro Focus handle the IT, hardware, and system support costs.

Antivirus Protection

Secure Messaging Gateway provides the best zero-hour antivirus protection available for both inbound and outbound traffic. Viruses are stopped before an outbreak occurs, which saves you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.

Anti-Virus Scanning

Secure Messaging Gateway scans for viruses in the subject, body and attachments of an email. If the attachment contains a virus, the email message will be stopped at the gateway. Plus, if the body or subject of the email contains a malicious link, or a virus, the email is blocked by Secure Messaging Gateway.

Inbound and Outbound Protection

Viruses and malware are threats that can penetrate your network from a wide range of entry points. With inbound and outbound scanning, Secure Gateway provides unique protection, ensuring that threats and damages are minimized.

Policy-Based, Multi-Tenant Configuration

Secure Gateway lets you create and configure individual message policies based on the delivery information of each individual message. Use criteria such as the recipient, the source address, and direction to create separate message policies for incoming and outgoing email, for individual users, domains or multiple sets of users. Secure Gateway also supports full multi-tenant mail scanning through single-messaging gateways. Combined with the policy-based control, Micro Focus partners and service providers can use Secure Gateway as a hosted solution.

Multi-threaded, High Performance Scanning

Enable high performance email scanning by threading scan processes asynchronously across all available resources on the server.

Pattern Matching

Secure Gateway supports standards-based regular expression for pattern matching. Plus, Secure Gateway allows you to apply patterns and scanning to the full domain. For example: * will be applied to all email addresses using that domain, to search for patterns in email content.

Anti-Spam Protection

Secure Messaging Gateway provides multi-layer spam defense to protect email and keep unwanted traffic away from your collaboration system.

Perimeter Defense Scanning

The Secure Gateway soft appliance, for spam at the perimeter, catches spam before it ever reaches your messaging system. Secure Gateway spam-blocking functions include address blocking, content filtering, heuristics, SURBL technology, IP reputation scanning, conversion tracking, and TLS support. By eliminating spam, Secure Gateway keeps your email system running smoothly and efficiently.

Minimize False-Positives

The Secure Messaging Gateway anti-spam engine is constantly updated with new spam signatures. This innovative technology assures that false-positives are detected, and means that the mail you need ends up in your in-box and only spam gets filtered out.

Robust Content Filtering

Secure Messaging Gateway filters email content based on email address, subject, header, body, Raw MIME, fingerprinting, attachment, attachment names, images (via Image Analyzer), black-list/white-list, message size, and IP address.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) support
Protect sent and received email with DKIM support. Secure Messaging Gateway ensures that email from a domain was authorized by the owner of that specific domain. This prevents forged sender addresses from entering your email system, eliminating phishing and spam attacks.
Directional Filtering Control

Secure Messaging Gateway allows you to create filters based on message direction (outbound versus inbound filters). Apply different filters to inbound traffic than you would for outbound traffic, and vice versa.

Envelope Filtering

Secure Messaging Gateway allows you to filter based on authentication of users. If a user is authenticated in the Secure Messaging Gateway system and they send an email message,Secure Messaging Gateway can deal with that message in a specified way. For example,Secure Messaging Gateway can allow all messages from that user to enter the system and Secure Messaging Gateway can block messages from a user that is not authenticated.

Outbound Spam Protection

End-user workstations can become compromised by viruses that penetrate perimeter defenses. Those workstations can then push spam out through your network, turning your system into a source for thousands of outbound spam. Secure Messaging Gateway helps prevent outbound spam risks including blocked IP address, damaged reputation, loss of resources, and crippled messaging systems.

Anti-Spoofing with SPF Scanning

To stop email spoofing,Secure Messaging Gateway features Sender Policy Framework (SPF) scanning. SPF looks at the domain found in the 'mail from:' part of the mime file, then checks that domain's SPF records to make sure that the domain that the email is reporting matches the mail servers that send that domain. SPF allowsSecure Messaging Gateway to identify messages that are or are not authorized to use the domain name in the SMTP HELO and MAIL FROM commands, based on information published in a sender policy of the domain owner.

Network Protection

Secure Messaging Gateway actively monitors your network to protect it from cyber-crime, pornographic files, and DoS/DDoS attacks. Secure Messaging Gateway also provides internet traffic filtering and web content scanning to ensure that malicious websites and similar content cannot access your network.

Cybercrime Protection

Cybercrime, cyberterrorism, and malicious malware are serious threats to your organization.Secure Messaging Gateway provides multiple layers of specialized protection to keep cybercriminals from using email as a method of attacking your infrastructure.

Porn Defense

Image Analyzer scans actual composition of images and videos to ensure accuracy. Its sophisticated probability engine scans incoming and outgoing images, reliably distinguishes between pornographic and non-pornographic content, and stops the inappropriate content from entering or leaving your messaging system.

Image Analyzer is an add-on for Secure Messaging Gateway

DoS/DDoS Protection

Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks to the SMTP which can take down your mail server. This leads to system outages and downtime, costing your organization time and money in lost productivity.

End-User Black and White Lists

Empower end users and reduce administration time and costs.Secure Messaging Gateway features an interface for end users to flag domains and email addresses. The end users can place individual email addresses or complete domains on their black or white list, allowing for messages to pass through or be blocked based on this list.


Total GroupWise® Support

Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides complete protection for your GroupWise system. This solution intercepts all messages passing through GroupWise MTA, POA, WebAccess, and GMS (GroupWise Mobile Server) in real time, and ensures they are free of viruses, spam, malware, and illicit images. GWAVA runs at scheduled intervals to scan email and quarantine viruses in your post office.

GroupWise WebAccess

Because GroupWise WebAccess® communicates directly with the post office, bypassing the GWIA, SMTP and the MTA, communication done via WebAccess is unprotected and could directly infect the post office. To manage WebAccess, Secure Messaging Gateway provides a complete solution that scans, filters, and quarantines every element of your messaging system.  It sits at the GroupWise WebAccess Gateway and filters unwanted content before the it reaches the system.

Added Protection for GroupWise Mobility Service

Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides the same protection for the GroupWise Mobility Service as it does for GroupWise. Secure Gateway scans all messages sent from mobile devices connected to the GroupWise Messaging Service, and stops viruses before they enter the GroupWise system. This allows organizations to ensure that mobile messages are secure and that viruses are not spread to internal GroupWise users. 

Novell Vibe Support

Secure Messaging Gateway provides the same protection for the Novell Vibe as it does for GroupWise. Secure Messaging Gateway scans all messages and uploads posted to Vibe, and stops viruses before they enter the network. This ensures that Vibe is secure and that viruses are not spread to internal system users.