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GWAVA Cloud Services

For over a decade, millions of users have trusted GWAVA’s Messaging Security, Unified Archiving and Disaster Recovery on-premise solutions. GWAVA Cloud Services delivers these same trusted solutions, from the cloud, enabling organizations to reduce costs, manage complexity, and mitigate risk.

Reduce Costs

GWAVA Cloud Services eliminates the need for expensive IT hardware, while reducing software upgrade and system support costs. Current Cloud customers are simplifying their budgets by shifting capital expenses to consistent manageable operating expenses.

  • Lower TCO – On average, cloud services save 35% year- over-year in comparison to on-premise installations
  • Scalable – No long term commitments; use what you need, when you need it
  • No Upfront Costs – Eliminate expensive hardware investments
Minimize Overhead

GWAVA Cloud Services minimize IT administration costs and can save organizations up to 35% over on-premise solutions

Manage Complexity

By eliminating IT administration and maintenance for email security, data archiving and business continuity, IT organizations can focus on delivering a direct value to the core business. Leave the administration overhead to the experts at GWAVA!

  • Ensure Compliance – Security, upgrades and maintenance managed by GWAVA

  • Reduce Support Concerns - Award-winning 24/7 support is included

  • Optimize Infrastructure – GWAVA handles endpoint management, web access and data protection

Mitigate Risk

Ensure your organization is in compliance with all regulations for eDiscovery, IT security and data-housing requirements, with single-point accountability in the Cloud.

  • Secure Datacenter – SAS 70 Type II, PCI, HIPAA certified

  • Ensure Continuity – Redundant data centers with guaranteed up time and multiple fail-safe insurance points

  • Retention Management – Simplified archiving and discovery, mirrored SANs for redundant protection, and access to private data storage

GWAVA Cloud Services Include:


Secure Cloud Web Gateway

Delivers Multi-tiered Protection, Message Management, and Rapid Deployment. Ensure you are secure, compliant, and productive.

Learn more about Secure Cloud Web Gateway HERE

Retain Cloud Archiving

GWAVA-Cloud-Archiving-diagram-smallDelivers eDiscovery Management, Data Security, and Simplified Access. Reduce maintenance costs, protect bandwidth, and free up resources towards strategic business initiatives.

Learn more about Cloud Unified Archiving HERE

Cloud Disaster Recovery

GWAVA-Cloud-Continuity-diagram-smallDelivers Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, and Minimized Overhead. Protect your organization from email outages, productivity disruptions, and data loss.

Learn more about Cloud Disaster Recovery HERE


Who Needs the GWAVA Cloud?

Organizations That Need Messaging Security, Unified Archiving, & Disaster Recovery

GWAVA Cloud Services (GCS) is for organizations in need of messaging security, unified archiving, and business continuity in the cloud. GWAVA Cloud enables organizations to reduce costs, manage complexity, and mitigate risk. GWAVA Cloud Services is for the organization that wants to remain secure and compliant while employees demand 24/7 accessibility to any device and software. GCS delivers year-after-year ROI, guaranteed uptime, and unlimited technical support.


What Does the GWAVA Cloud Do?

Secure Cloud Web Gateway

Delivers multi-tiered protection, message management, and rapid deployment. Filters viruses, spam, and cyber threats from your messaging system ensuring you are secure, compliant, and productive. Click here to learn more!

Cloud Unified Archiving

Delivers eDiscovery management, data security, and simplified access. Reduces your maintenance costs, protects your bandwidth, and frees up resources for your strategic business initiatives. Click here to learn more!

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Delivers disaster recovery, risk management, and lower overhead. Protect your organization from email outages, productivity disruptions, and data loss. Click here to learn more!


How Does the GWAVA Cloud Work?

Messaging Security

GWAVA provides antivirus, anti-spam, zero-hour malware, and threat protection before messages even enter your system. GWAVA takes your current security configurations, points the system to your domains and in a snap, filters your messages in the cloud. From that point on GWAVA will ensure your messaging system is safe and secure.

Unified Archiving

For comprehensive archiving and eDiscovery planning, GWAVA will create an implementation schedule to securely migrate all your data to the cloud, configure all settings and protocols, and train you on search and publishing from the cloud.

Messaging Continuity

GWAVA Business Continuity provides an offsite, fully redundant disaster recovery backup system for organizations running Reload. Now, regardless of your onsite backups, your email system will run in times of software and hardware failure as well as disasters. Configuration is seamless as GWAVA mirrors a second Reload server in the cloud.


GWAVA Cloud Security & Data Rights

Full Data Control

The data in the GWAVA and its partner or vendor cloud belongs to you, our agreements, our contracts, and the way we interact with your data ensures that your data remains yours. Data will be returned in any requested format, or deleted, and purged immediately upon cancellation of agreements

GWAVA takes data security a step further. Our proprietary software ensures that your data is separate and protected and does not mingle with data from other organizations.

Data Centers

GWAVA and its partner or vendor cloud data centers meet or exceed national standards for cloud infrastructures. GWAVA offers 99.99% uptime guaranteed. The cloud data centers feature the following:

  • SAS 70 Type II certification
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Multiple redundant centers for immediate failover
  • 24/7 monitoring & security
  • 24/7 support and maintenance
Disaster Prevention

GWAVA and its partner or vendor cloud data centers meet or exceed standards for disaster prevention and redundancy roll-over access including the following features:

  • Zone 4 earthquake standards
  • Climate-controlled filtered air
  • Under flooring power and cable distribution
  • Multiple fiber-optic network providers
  • Fire suppression (double interlocked, pre-action, dry pipe)
  • Class A data centers
Service and Support

GWAVA provides unlimited 24/7 support. GWAVA will set up, monitor, track, and report all critical system functions, implementations, and maintenance.