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GWAVA Messaging Security Protects Your Enterprise Network and Email Messaging system.

It provides industry leading antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware, cybercrime protection, DDoS protection, and porn blocking with image analysis! The GWAVA 7 release features several major changes to GWAVA’s architecture, setup, and interface.

Major New Features of GWAVA 7:


NEW User Friendly Web-interface

GWAVA 7 includes an all-new, redesigned drag and drop browser-based interface that provides easy access to tools, including exceptions, text filters, quarantine, and administration.

Role Based User Administration

Grant your users specific role-based access, right within GWAVA. The new Access Control List allows you to manage user access to features and functions of GWAVA, based on the roles you set. Named users can now have access to certain administration features without having full administration rights.

Multi-tenant Support

GWAVA 7’s multi-tenant support enables multiple independent instances of GWAVA scan configurations to run on the same server. It allows you to have all the functionality of GWAVA, while supporting multiple customers from one system. This is especially relevant for larger customers, resellers and ISPs who are hosting GWAVA as a service for their customers.

Improved Usability

GWAVA 7 has moved to an appliance based model, meaning you no longer need to manage your own operating system. All updates and security will be managed by the GWAVA appliance.

Multi-threaded, High Performance Scanning

Enable high performance email scanning by threading scan processes asynchronously across all available resources on the server.

Scalable Design

When your system starts to reach capacity, or is under strain, you are able to add new resources (additional GWAVA servers) to balance the load on your GWAVA system.

Fault Tolerant Configuration

GWAVA can be setup on multiple servers. This allows your system to continue to run, even if one or more servers goes down.

Easy-to-create Filter Combinations

Combine email scan filters to create your own customized meta-rules with the new intuitive graphical rule builder.

Easy-to-configure, Ad-hoc, Customizable Notifications

Create the specific notifications you want or need. The types of notifications you can create are almost limitless. They can be triggered by keywords, attachments, content, illicit images, viruses, spam, and other categories. Plus, all notifications can be localized, allowing you to provide localized versions of all of the emails that GWAVA generates.

Standardized Web Port Configuration Support

GWAVA now allows you to use a standard web port configuration. Unlike previous versions of GWAVA, with this latest release, you don’t have to specify the port number to access the GWAVA interface.

Single Login Portal for All Users

There is now just one login portal for all users and administrators.The separate QMS management console login has been combined with the admin login page to eliminate the complexity of multiple login portals.

Directional Filtering Control

GWAVA allows you to create filters based on message direction (outbound versus inbound filters). Apply different filters to inbound traffic than you would for outbound traffic, and vice versa.

Grouping of Filters

GWAVA allows you to create group filters. You can have a set of filters for a certain item and group those filters. Then you can set the parameters for all of the filters in that group. For example: You could have a set of filters for inappropriate words and have GWAVA notify a user to not use those words. Or you could create a group of filters for prescription drugs and have all messages captured by the filter to be treated as spam.

Grouping of Features

Many of the features in GWAVA can be grouped, including fingerprints, attachment types, quarantine, spoofing, and content filtering.

Full Featured Content Filtering

GWAVA can filter content based on email address, IP address, message text, attachment names, fingerprint, images (via Image Analyzer), black-list/white-list, message size and envelope filtering.

Envelope Filtering

GWAVA allows you to filter based on authentication of users. If a user is authenticated in the GWAVA system and they send an email message, GWAVA can deal with that message in a specified way. For example, GWAVA can allow all messages from that user to enter the system and GWAVA can block messages from a user that is not authenticated.

Accounts Dashboard

View GWAVA account status including license information and expiration date.

Compressed File Scanning

GWAVA now scans more compressed file formats than previous versions, increasing your security footprint. You can now enable or disable compressed file scanning for each attachment type.

Auto Provisioning of New Organizations in GWAVA

GWAVA resellers, distributors, ISPs and cloud providers can now automatically allocate resources to their new customers in the cloud. Customers can then set up and make changes to GWAVA themselves through the user interface.


GWAVA now features APIs allowing you to integrate other third-party or company systems into GWAVA.

Expanded Exceptions

Exceptions can be grouped by envelope, user, or text. For example you can create an exception for a user that is connected to their email system with a secure connection.

Event Writer

GWAVA gives you the ability to create and export custom logs of events in the GWAVA system.

Integration with External Scripts

GWAVA allows for integration with third-party products, as long as you can access the product with a command-line./p>


Moving to GWAVA 7

For Information about moving to GWAVA 7 view this series of videos.