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Micro Focus™ WASP

The global nature of business today demands that information and communication are constantly available. With GroupWise WebAccess, your end-users can receive mail, attachments, and instant messages from any computer with web connectivity. This connectivity can often occur in locations with insecure internet connectivity like airport terminals, hotels, wi-fi hotspots, and client offices. This puts your email system at risk from spam, viruses and illegal access coming through the back door of your GroupWise system.

Today’s viruses move fast. They sneak in through email attachments, web downloads, free email accounts, and instant messages. These access points are all backdoors to your GroupWise system. Unfortunately, GroupWise WebAccess communicates directly with the Post Office, completely bypassing the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) when delivering email. Unsuspecting WebAccess users can inadvertently upload virus-infected files that bypass your perimeter defense. This means that you need protection at this point. Only WASP sits at the GroupWise WebAccess Gateway, and protects your GroupWise system from the inside out.

WebAccess Protection

Micro Focus WASP (Web Access Service Protection) is about protecting you and your investment. It is about completely securing your messaging system from cybercrime and it is about delivering outstanding results against serious virus threats. It provides a complete solution to scan and filter every element of your messaging system, and it quarantines the threats. Its unique anti-virus architecture ensures that virus-infected attachments are stopped at the WebAccess gateway before they are allowed to enter your GroupWise system.

WASP also provides enhanced protection through Fingerprinting. You may consider certain file formats like PIF and SCR too high a risk to allow them into your messaging system through WebAccess. You may also want to restrict other file formats like AVI or JPG since they are often times not business-related. With WASP you can easily lock down these files and prevent their use on your messaging system. Using fingerprinting technology, WASP determines the true nature of files’ extensions, and even if the extensions are changed. This technology is unique to WASP and futureproofs your investment as attacks become more sophisticated.

For complete coverage, Micro Focus also includes a Vibe® plug-in, to protect your team folders, doc management, workflows, and social streams.


  • Groupwise WebAccess server protection
  • Unique virus protection
  • Attachment blocking
  • Fingerprinting technology
  • Cross platform – NetWare, Linux & Windows (remotely)
  • Leverage existing hardware
  • Integrates with Secure Gateway UI

System Requirements:

  • GWAVA 4 (build 108) (now Secure Gateway) or higher
  • WebAccess (7 or higher)
  • Java (1.4x or higher)
  • OS platforms (NetWare 6.5, SLES 9 & 10, OES 1,2 Windows NT, Windows 2003)
  • Server (in remote mode only)

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