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Take Control of GroupWise® with Superior Email Reporting and Monitoring

GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring, powered by Redline™, is the only fully comprehensive, customizable, monitoring and reporting tool for GroupWise. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring provides over 120 unique real-time reports and delivers more than 1000 user-defined alerts and notifications. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard to quickly evaluate the health of GroupWise, GWAVA, Retain, GroupWise Disastery Recovery, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Notify Mobile Device Management, and other systems.


One of the most powerful features of GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring is its reporting engine. With reporting, you can schedule reports, automate them and send them to your boss. Through the control center interface, you can access over 150 predefined reports. The reports are organized by solution area to include system operations, disk space management, user compliance reporting and ROI analysis.

At Micro Focus™, we understand that you may have to adhere to specific requirements for IT security and privacy compliance. Whether you deal with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA or any of the other myriad regulatory requirements, GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring can help you address these requirements. Run included compliance reports to make sure your GroupWise system is configured correctly for compliance or to find out if emails are leaving with sensitive information.

Every GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring user can create complex reports with graphs, tables and charts. With the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring report designer, you don’t have to be an expert in XML, SQL queries or HTML. You can create all the reports you need with minimal effort.

The web-based control center allows you to:

  • Quickly locate critical messaging infrastructure details, capacity planning reports, management and GroupWise ROI analysis in easy-to-view graphical reports.
  • Hover your mouse over any graph or chart to see exact values.
  • Run a detailed report on each user to discover mailbox information and content statistics.
  • Create your own custom reports with run-time parameters using the included Query Builder.
  • Build reports in pie chart, bar chart and graph formats.

Monitoring & Alerting

GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring provides over 1000 pre-defined alerts and notifications based on GroupWise best practices. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring monitors over 6000 pieces of information in your GroupWise system. If anything happens in your GroupWise system, you’ll be alerted to that problem in minutes. All of the alert values are categorized as predefined thresholds (status values) and recommendations (settings) based upon GroupWise best practices. Alerts can all be configured to meet your needs. Delve into areas of GroupWise such as system availability, message traffic, message delivery, and security compliance. View alerts on the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring control center or have them sent to your email in real-time.

GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring provides the following:

  • Customized alerts – Includes uptime, status, statistics, and other alerts based on your system needs.
  • Automated real-time alerts - GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring uses its own SMTP engine to email reports even if your GroupWise or other systems are down.
  • Potential bottleneck alerts - Keeps message traffic flowing, identify potential traffic flow problems.
  • Monitoring from your mobile device – Access GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring anytime, anywhere.

GroupWise at a Glance™ Dashboard

GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring brings the entire GroupWise system into one interface. Its easy-to-use GroupWise at a Glance dashboard provides a quick way to evaluate the overall health of your GroupWise systems. With alert indicators that tie into the monitoring infrastructure, performance indicators that show key information about GroupWise, and graphs and RPM gauges that show message traffic and connected users, you will see everything you need in one screen. The GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring dashboard provides both quick and full health indicators that display on that single screen so that all of your GroupWise administrators can ensure your system is running at maximum performance. While everything is preconfigured out of the box, you can always customize the dashboard to meet your unique needs.

View all reports on one screen including:

  • Alert indicators - Ties into the monitoring infrastructure
  • Performance indicators - Shows key information about GroupWise
  • Graphs and gauges - Displays message traffic and connected users

Powerful Control Center

The GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring control center is the most powerful component within the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring interface. It provides a single point of administration to all monitored components whether it be GroupWise, GWAVA or 3rd party products. The control center is the brains of the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring system, doing all of the heavy lifting, processing and storing data. You can manage all of the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring agents from the control center, including applying updates to the agents. No need to get into the config files and manage each server individually. The system view allows you to drill down into each component of your messaging system, providing quick and easy access to the information you need to diagnose problems, check the operations of your systems or evaluate system health.

Messaging Tracking

As a GroupWise administrator, you need the ability to track the delivery and performance of email through your systems. Without GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring, you may have to guess how long it takes messages to be delivered or wait until users complain to know if mail is being delivered to or from the Internet in a timely fashion. With the message tracking feature of GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring you will be able to trend message traffic both internally and externally through the system. In many cases slow message delivery is a precursor to bigger problems. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring helps identify these issues.

Reducing Risks from Internal and External Threats

While GroupWise is a very stable messaging platform, there are many risks that can slow performance or create issues for help desk administrators. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring can identify people using too much disk space or who are rapidly reaching their limits, messages that are backed up in queues, slow delivery times, or a whole host of other issues. Via weekly reports, immediate alerts or the quick and easy dashboard, you can get the information you need the way you need it.

Flexible Architecture

Using two-tiered architecture, the GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring agent gathers information from each GroupWise server. Its web-based control center displays a dashboard to show you quickly how your system is doing. The control center also lets you set up reporting, alerting and configuration. The agent natively supports GroupWise on NetWare, Linux and Windows. Easily update agents from the control center. The control center, as a web-based application, supports IE, Netscape and Firefox browsers, and can be installed on Linux or NetWare.

Third Party Integration

With the integration of Blackberry® Enterprise Service, Notify Technology NotifyLink™, Toffa SyncWise 2005, and GMS/GMS2, GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring has been extended to include your mobility solutions. GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring is a management application for your messaging system that includes technology from Novell, security and management technologies from GWAVA, and various mobility solutions. The GroupWise Reporting & Monitoring team is constantly looking to add new technologies to its suite of integrations.

Additional Features

  • System wide capacity analysis
  • Overall system health and uptime
  • Detailed individual user activity analysis
  • Global and individual settings/thresholds
  • Simple two-agent architecture
  • Customizable graphs, gauges, tables and reports
  • Complete system view
  • Detailed post office analysis
  • Detailed internet activity reports
  • Single point of administration
  • Custom report creation with query builder
  • Integration with other GWAVA solutions
  • Online context-sensitive help