Monitor & Archivage médias sociaux, la messagerie instantanée et Web Recherche de données

icon-socialmediaRetain Social provides real-time monitoring and archiving of social media, instant messaging, and web search data. Retain Social monitors and archives every end user keystroke. If a policy violation occurs, the end user will be alerted via a pop-up window and the data entered will be placed in the central archive. This alert will automatically notify the network administrator that a violation has occurred. In addition, all archived data can be instantly searched, retrieved and reviewed from one central location enabling a complete picture in content of social media, mobile, IM, search and email communication.

Retain Social moniteurs et Archives ces services de médias sociaux:

Média social

  • Facebook — Messages du mur, des mises à jour de statut, messages, demandes d'amis, aime et événements
  • Twitter — messages directs et les messages (tweets)
  • LinkedIn — InMail, messages et commentaires
  • Yammer — Posts de groupe, les messages de mur et commentaires

Messagerie instantannée

  • Lync 2010 and 2013
  • Google Hangouts
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • AO IM (AIM)

Recherches sur le Web

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia

Caractéristiques de l'Retain Social Compliance Proxy

Retain Social allows organizations to monitor social media, instant messaging, and web search data, using the powerful Retain Social Compliance Proxy. Key features include:

Keyword Monitoring

Scan for keywords and take action to monitor, report, block, mark, report or defer for review.

Policy-based Content Monitoring

Apply pre-defined, industry-standard policies to all scanned content based on categories and take appropriate action.

Violation Pop-up Message

Appears within the social media, instant message or web search application when an end user violates a policy.

Administrator Notifications

An administrator is notified as soon as a violation has occurred.

Default Pattern Matching

Built-in filtering of known malicious content or websites, such as: acts of aggression, eating disorders, profanity, SEC and FINRA terms, anti-corruption, predatory, racist, self-harm, drug, religious slurs and sexual or gender slurs. Pattern matching is based on default and industry-standard criteria. 

Rule-based Monitoring

With included default rules. Default rules include; dangerous attachments by name, spam, internal virus, external virus, job search or headhunting risk, racism, sexual discrimination, profanity, staff welfare, drugs, information leakage and exaggerated claims.

Message Stamping

Option to add a customizable disclaimer to posts created through the proxy, based on the criteria you set.

Quarantine of Messages

Messages can be quarantined until approval of post.

Archiving of All Data

Includes policy violating, and attempted or deleted posts.

Corporate Social Media Access Portal

The Social Media Portal allows for access of corporate social media sites without the need to enter a username and/or password. Access is determined by group membership, title or role.

Facebook Monitoring Application

The Retain Social Facebook app monitors the corporate profile and protects it from unwanted or malicious posts and comments, according to set policies.

Workstation Agent for Off-network Monitoring and Archiving

This agent communicates with the Retain Social Compliance Proxy and ensures that the corporate policy is enforced for remote users. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Website/URL Filtering and Blocking

Monitor, filter, and block internet traffic with built-in tools to create Access Policies. These policies enable you to specify user access to sites based on group membership, job title, location and custom criteria. In addition you can restrict access based on time of day and date. Examples of Access Policy Filters and Blocks are:

URL Categories — Including; adult, aggressive, criminal, entertainment, fashion, malicious content, religion, sports, travel and other URL categories
Custom Category — Create and implement custom URL categories
Corporate Policy — Websites can be filtered based upon specific sites designated not to be viewed by individuals within the organization.

Block: Web Applications — Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, YouTube, Tinder, Kik and others
Network Applications — VoIP, Instant Messaging, Online gaming and peer-to-peer traffic
Protocols — ICMP, TCP, UDP, GRE and IPSEC
IP Addresses — Block connections based on specific IP addresses
Ports — Restrict access based on specified destination ports

Retain Social Archivage


Retain Social securely archives social media, instant messaging, and web search data. This archived data can be instantly retrieved, searched, and published. Features include:

eDiscovery Tools

Built-in tools allow for administrators, records management, and other authorized users to perform eDiscovery and regulatory tasks such as place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, and export with the built-in tools. 

Message Export

Export to PST, PDF or stand-alone archive viewer formats. The exported file is fully indexed, searchable, and includes a table of contents for quick browsing.

Access Control List

Grant rights to users, administrators, or others to access to the features and functionality of the Retain system, based on the roles you set.

Intelligent Threading

Archiving of social media and instant messaging communication data using intelligent threading. Messages can be easily searched for and viewed in their original context.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with retention laws and regulations, regarding social media, including: FINRA 10-06, SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, NASD 300/3110, FRCP, HIPAA and HITECH.

Litigation Holds

Flagging of any archived item to protect it from deletion or actions until the hold is removed.


Exported data can be redacted, ensuring that personal information, or other redacted items do not become part of the open records request.

Audit Trail

Have a record of all activity, with a searchable audit trail of all administrators and users who have permission to search the archive. Messages and search logs are securely archived for later review and cannot be modified or deleted. 

Message Tagging

Administrators and end users can create custom tags for messages within the archive. These tags are searchable for easier eDiscovery.