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Email Migration with GWAVA

Migration Toolkit

Migrating email to Office 365 or Exchange has never been easier! The Migration Toolkit allows organizations to migrate to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 from Novell GroupWise. The Toolkit specializes in efficiently and thoroughly storing and  extracting, indexing, searching, publishing and importing email and its associated data.

In the extracting process, the Migration Toolkit copies email data in a platform-agnostic archive format. From here, the data can be easily migrated, all or part, into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. There is no easier way to transfer data between email systems, ensure minimum user impact and perform email platform migrations than with the Migration Toolkit.

The Toolkit provides the following essential features for your email migration:

  • Migration to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 from Novell GroupWise
  • Pre-migration email analysis to determine what is to be migrated and to determine length of time needed for the migration
  • Migrate email, appointments, attachments, folders, notes, tasks, calendars and address books to Exchange or Office 365
  • Migrate GroupWise personal archives to Exchange or Office 365
  • Create forwarding rules in GroupWise for after the migration

Provisioning of user accounts

Provision existing eDirectory accounts in Active Directory

  • Mail-enable existing Active Directory accounts
  • Merge GroupWise users with existing Active Directory accounts
  • Implement naming standard changes in accordance with new policies, e.g. to

Migration of shared services

  • Migrate proxy users and rights
  • Migrate GroupWise distribution lists
  • Migrate shared address books
  • Migrate shared folders (the shared folder is migrated as a personal folder of the owner of the shared folder)

Multi-Threading/Multi-Instance Migration

The Migration Toolkit has the ability to thread multiple migration instances, on several machines, allowing you to exponentially increase email migration productivity.

Migration Enhanced Logging

Ensure that your migration is successful and complete with enhanced logging. Enhanced logging is done on a per user, or global, basis allowing for a complete overview report of the email migration.

Retain™ Unified Archiving

Retain Unified Archiving provides multi-platform unified message archiving, eDiscovery and publishing for organizations looking to reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk on-prem or in the cloud.

Once your email system is migrated, Retain will archive your email, social media and mobile messaging in one unified location. Retain enables you to seamlessly archive a single, or mixed messaging platform environment—in addition to social messaging and mobile communication—in one central location.

All messages are securely stored in a single, unified Retain data archive and can be easily accessed through the Retain web access archive viewer.

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