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Micro Focus Demo Portal

At Micro Focus, we take a lot of pride in creating powerful software solutions. This demo portal will make it simple to evalute our products.

We invite you to try our most popular unified archiving software online. This portal is an easy way for you to give Retain a test drive and see how well it can work for your organization.

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Retain provides unified message archiving of all email, social media & mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery.

Click here to access the Retain Demo Server

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Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides inbound & outbound protection for your company's enterprise network & messaging system, including antivirus, anti-spam, cybercrime protection, DDOS protection, web content & traffic filtering, and porn blocking with built-in image analysis.

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GroupWise Disaster Recovery is the fastest disaster recovery tool available for GroupWise. GroupWise DR delivers quick message restore, as well as hot backups of post offices and domains. It ensures that your critical GroupWise data is always current and available.

GroupWise DR has some major improvements over prior versions of GroupWise DR with the introduction of major architectural differences. The biggest architectural improvement is the addition of a new Collector/Server model.

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GroupWise Reporting and Monitoring provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard to quickly evaluate and report on the health of GroupWise, Secure Gateway, Retain, Reload, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Notify Mobile Device Management, and other systems.

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