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Blueprint for GWAVA Reload

Blueprint for Reload extracts important business intelligence data from your GroupWise message store by performing in-depth analysis on your Reload backups.

Driven by customer needs, Blueprint for Reload plugs directly into your existing Reload server and leaves your GroupWise system stress-free while delivering timely reports that you can easily analyze and put into action — even on your mobile device or tablet computer.

See a Reload Server with Blueprint implemented and with recent Blueprint reports:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “POST1” post office profile.

GroupWise Mail Analysis — Blueprint for Reload will help you analyze, down to a user level, how much space you need for your message store and for your archive solution.

With Blueprint for Reload, you can create mailbox usage policies with all of this information and more:

  • The cumulative size of all users’ mailbox items over X days (90 days, 60 days, etc.)
  • The cumulative size of all users’ mailbox items under X days (90 days, 60 days, etc.)
  • How many and what type of items are in a user’s mailbox
  • Which users have mailbox storage limits, what the limits are, and how close a user is to their limit

Reduce Costs — GWAVA Blueprint for Reload can help you cut your IT costs.

  • Identifies inactive users
  • Determines client types (full license vs. limited license)
  • Assesses clients’ GroupWise versions to help assure that all users have upgraded
  • Provides the information you need to accurately calculate your GroupWise and archiving storage needs
  • Identifies users that are over-using resources

Usable Reporting — Blueprint for Reload generates navigable HTML reports for each post office and sends them to your email. View and print these reports from anywhere, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Summary Reports — provide at-a-glance information for executive review and quick analysis.

User Analysis Reports — lets you drill down by each user and provide action items for follow-up. View mailbox limits, usage, item types, activity, license and version information and more.

Spreadsheet Reports — Blueprint for Reload generates *.CSV files with all of the information in the HTML reports, and much more. These *.CSV files can then be pulled into a spreadsheet application so you can sort and manipulate the data, making it easy to analyze and localize the data.

Simply Usable — Blueprint for Reload e-mailed reports are friendly to all platforms and configurations. If you want to share mailbox size information with a particular user, just click on the user’s name within the Blueprint report, and a mail message will open up with the user’s mailbox size information in the message body.