How Can Your Company Protect Against Phishing & Next-Generation Malware?

Phishing and malware threats are becoming more commonplace as cybercriminals become more adept, stealthier, and more able to penetrate corporate security defenses. The consequences of even a single such attack can be enormous, resulting in the potential loss of millions of dollars from corporate financial accounts, the loss of sensitive customer data, the loss of intellectual property like trade secrets or marketing plans, and possibly the dissolution of a business.

So...what are the best practices for dealing with phishing & next-generation malware? This white paper focuses on the current security problems with email and other systems, and it offers recommendations about how to improve your company's security.

This White Paper reveals:

This White Paper reveals:

  • How Cybercriminals & malware are "improving".
  • The important first line of defense against these problems (Hint: It's your users!)
  • Important solutions and best practices IT & decision makers must implement.
  • ...much...much more!

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