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Archive Disaster Recovery

Retain Unified Archiving is a powerful and effective archiving solution for all your organization’s communication data. Maintaining a complete archive is essential not only to remain compliant, but also to provide access to the archived data for recovery and business insight. Is your organization ready should you lose your Retain archive data? Do you have a backup of your Retain datastore?.

Archive Disaster Recovery, powered by Reload for Retain, is the perfect mirroring, failover, and backup solution for your archive!

Here is a great video overview of the features of Archive Disaster Recovery by lead Developer Tay Kratzer:

Features of the Archive Disaster Recovery solution

Push Button Disaster Recovery for Retain Unified Archiving

The holy grail of any backup solution. Push a button, and within five minutes, log into a completely different Retain Server hosted on the Archive Disaster Recovery server.

Mirroring (Continuous Backup) for Retain

Backups are so last decade! Clustering isn’t a backup. The Software Mirroring in Archive Disaster Recovery is the only way to ensure that your Retain archive is fully replicated, at all times. The solution continuously replicates new data from your Retain archive to your Disaster Recovery system.

Fast Backup Windows

After the initial backup, Archive Disaster Recovery never needs to go to disk to look for new changes. Archive Disaster Recovery queries the Retain database to discover where the new data is that needs to be replicated. The Archive Disaster Recovery only replicates the new data into the backup. In one case, a customer went from 40 hour backup windows with their previous backup solution, to one hour backup windows with the solution.

Triple Replication

The Archive Disaster Recovery Agent can replicate up to three other Archive Disaster Recovery servers. These servers can be on-prem, in the cloud, or a mix of on-prem and cloud.

Confirm and Use Backups

With Archive Disaster Recovery, your Retain archive data is not just cold-backed-up-data; it is data that can be made live, tested, and used with the push of a button. Don’t assume your Retain data is backed up correctly. With Archive Disaster Recovery you can easily confirm that your data is backed up correctly.

MySQL Systems Auto-Import of The Retain Database

Archive Disaster Recovery will backup the database for Retain systems that use MySQL. The Archive Disaster Recovery Server can then automatically import the Retain database so that it can be used by the instance of Retain hosted on the Disaster Recovery Server.

Backup to the Cloud

Archive Disaster Recovery can backup to the GWAVA Cloud, a partner cloud, or a public cloud system. Retain Agent mirrors data via a push method. With this functionality, your cloud provider does not need to access your production Retain System to create backups.

Peace of Mind
  • At any time, you can access your mirrored Retain archive system on your Archive Disaster Recovery. The data can be browsed, searched, and opened because it is a complete mirror of the Retain system
  • All data replicated from the Retain archive is validated as received by the Archive Disaster Recovery server
  • The Archive Disaster Recovery Agent and the Archive Disaster Recovery Server perform Random Validation Checks in order to assure that Retain archive data has been properly replicated

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Archive Disaster Recovery is the perfect mirroring, backup, and disaster recovery solution for Retain. It runs seamlessly in the background to give you peace of mind, and assurance that your data is safe and recoverable. Get a price quote to see how affordable having peace of mind can be!

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