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GWAVA, Acquired by Micro Focus – World-class Archiving and Security for Email, Mobile Device, Instant Messaging, and Social Media Data.

For more than a decade GWAVA has provided superior unified archiving and critical messaging security for business infrastructures around the world.

Our customer base consists of highly regulated industries like Government, Education, Healthcare and Financial Services. GWAVA provides solutions that meet and exceed the archiving, compliance, and security demands for these organizations. Retain Unified Archiving meets their needs as a value added archiving solution which enables these highly regulated industries to meet complex archiving compliance standards. This is critical to our customers, as many compliance standards and regulations cannot be met with the built in archiving solutions offered by Office 365, Exchange Online, and Gmail.

Retain provides unified archiving of all business communication including email, social media, instant messaging, web search and mobile communication data for case assessment, search, and eDiscovery. It can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

Archive Office 365, Exchange, Gmail and GroupWise with Retain. It archives email, appointments, files and attachments.Retain archives social media as well. It provides archiving, monitoring, and data insight that enables organizations to perform eDiscovery, review messages in context and help determine the tone of all posts and pictures for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google+, as well as archiving all YouTube and Vimeo videos and comments. Retain also archives iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile device communication data, including SMS/text messages, BBM Messages, BBM Enterprise, phone call logs, and PIN Messages.

Retain Insights, introduced last year, is the underlying eDiscovery technology that allows Retain to search, and take action on outside data sources, as well as conduct e-discovery activities across any connected dataset, and is receiving high marks from customers. Retain also includes an improved search engine, which provides search suggestions, keyword tagging, a Boolean search wizard and Regex functions.

Retain is offered as an on-premises, or cloud solution.

Organizations that want to reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk, on-prem or in the cloud, rely on GWAVA for cross-platform and cross-application solutions. And with offices worldwide, GWAVA backs up its commitment by delivering service and support for thousands of customers globally—24/7.

Our History...

The GWAVA reputation for excellence is a reflection of our solid foundation. Shortly after 9/11 our world changed and security was thrust to the forefront. This prompted co-founders Charles Taite and Marc St-Arnaud to establish Beginfinite Inc. on the premise of ensuring the security and stability of government, education, healthcare and financial institutions running Novell GroupWise. The company’s flagship product GWAVA, an acronym that stands for GroupWise Anti Virus Agent quickly eclipsed the company name and in 2004 Beginfinite became GWAVA, Inc. The GWAVA product is a proprietary agent built within the core infrastructure of Micro Focus GroupWise and is the only product that protects the messaging infrastructure from within the Post Office Agent, the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA), the Web Access Gateway and the SMTP Gateway. No other security solution can protect an infrastructure like GWAVA. In 2017, GWAVA 7 was rebranded to Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway, this change shows the Micro Focus commitment to this unparalleled security solution. This product was created by Josh Gibbs and Michael Bell in early 2001.

Our Future...

Today, the vision that Charles Taite and Marc St-Arnaud established, has grown to include email archiving for leading edge multi-platform solutions that span Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Novell Groupwise, as well as Archiving mobile device messaging data for Blackberry, Android and iOS including SMS, MMS, BBM, call logs and more. Most recently the Unified Archiving solution has expanded to include archiving of social media for many popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, and YouTube. 

GWAVA is trusted and implemented in thousands of government, education, healthcare, legal and financial institutions in 60 countries, with millions of users. GWAVA has continued to expand its product line to include fourteen different best-of-class messaging security and unified archiving solutions.

GWAVA is the global software company that delivers highly effective on-premise and cloud-based solutions that protect vital email systems from viruses and spam. And, as social media applications become more pervasive in the workplace, GWAVA leads out in monitoring social media usage enterprise-wide. GWAVA has offices and employees in Europe, The Americas, and Asia Pac and is led by CEO Ken Muir, a 20+ year influencer and executive in the messaging security and archiving industry.

GWAVA was acquired by Micro Focus September 2016.

Solutions include:

Email Messaging Security. Secure Messaing Gateway (formerly GWAVA) is an antivirus and anti-spam solution designed specifically for maximum protection of today’s vast and complex email systems and servers. This solution uses the latest technology to ensure that your messaging system and network are free of viruses, malware, and spam. Secure Messaging Gateway also monitors network traffic to prevent pornographic images, and protects against cybercrime and DoS/DDoS attacks. These features deploy as seamlessly in SMBs as they do in the world’s largest and most security-intensive environments.

Unified Archiving: Archiving Across Mixed and Multiple Platforms Environments. Platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Micro Focus GroupWise, Office 365,  and Gmail pose unique challenges when it comes to successfully managing an integrated system. Retain provides top-notch performance in companies that run multiple email applications (e.g., a combination of GroupWise and Exchange); Retain executes with precision in these mixed-platform environments. This is why we use the word ‘unified’ when describing the way in which system administrators effectively manage separate systems with Retain. Administrators archive from one console, using one login, all using proven Micro Focus technologies.

Social Media and Mobile Archiving
In today’s ultra-connected world employees, at dramatic rates, are tapping into social media while at work, or via company-owned devices. Employee access to Facebook, Twitter and other internet applications demand leading-edge solutions which assure that company assets and data are kept airtight and secure. Retain is the best-of-breed solution for managing employee social media usage on corporate devices, whether that device is in the office or off the network. And when it comes to mobile, Retain provides peace of mind for organizations with corporate or BYOD smartphone users and admins by safeguarding against security breaches with powerful archiving, searching and eDiscovery of text messages (MMS, SMS, BBM), and phone logs. Archived social media content, along with email archive, can be accessed from one central databasing. This unified archive allows for quick and easy access and eDiscovery of all archived data from console.

The Benefit to Your Organization

These solutions are unsurpassed at protecting email, providing unified archiving and critical messaging security—all this while reducing costs, managing complexity and mitigating risk. With offices worldwide, we deliver support for thousands of customers globally. This commitment to clients reflects our assurance to customer satisfaction: Satisfaction with our software, our service and our entire line of products. This is the commitment that we are proud to uphold.

We offer an array of products and services to its customers:

  1. Retain Unified Archiving
  2. Retain for Exchange
  3. Retain for GroupWise
  4. Retain Social
  5. Retain Cloud Archiving
  6. Retain Mobile
  7. Retain for BlackBerry
  8. Secure Messaging Gateway
  9. Reload Business Continuity
  10. Blueprint for Reload
  11. Reveal Email Forensics
  12. Redline System Reporting
  13. Vertigo Mailbox Management

We deliver messaging security, unified archiving and retrieval, and social media management for thousands of organizations with millions of users around the world. We are the trusted partner that secures and protects the world’s most critical messaging infrastructures. We maintain a network of global channel partners to ensure widespread access to leading edge solutions.